Ossiban's Diary

Diary of Ossiban of Angel’s Rose

First Entry
… shipwrecked on the coast, no other survivors. I see no other recourse but to make my way south, towards the Hundred Temples, where I may find help. But first, I need provisions…

Second Entry
… a flame of jade, burning up from the plains, visible from miles around. Sorcery, no doubt. The fire is hot enough that I do not dare draw closer, but even one as inexperienced as I in matters arcane can recognize the potential of this great flame. Could it be harnessed in a forge, I do not doubt that many magical wonders could be achieved, though the danger of Runegales is ever present…

Third Entry
… turned back towards the north. The journey to the Hundred Temples is far too long for one to walk unaided. Perhaps I can craft a small skiff from the trees of the forest I saw before the shipwreck; they appeared large enough that I could carve a canoe out of a trunk…

Fourth Entry
… strange overgrown temple, to a goddess the likes of which I cannot fathom. Perhaps an ancient goddess now long since dead, or a forgotten aspect of a better-known deity. I am not a man prone to religious knowledge, but I believe the priests of the Temples may have an answer, and I am curious. One more thing to discover…

Fifth Entry
… sick, dying, food poisoned, not should eaten tubers, shadows all around, hunting, seeking, stomach burns with fire, madness, why why why, dying, miss home, pr-

Ossiban's Diary

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